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javazoom::jlgui::player::amp::util::Config Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class provides all parameters for jlGui coming from a file.

Definition at line 34 of file Config.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean enableProxy ()
String getAPETagInfoClassName ()
String getAudioDevice ()
String getDefaultSkin ()
String getExtensions ()
String getFlacTagInfoClassName ()
ImageIcon getIconParent ()
String getLastDir ()
int[] getLastEqualizer ()
String getLastSkinDir ()
String getLastURL ()
String getMpegTagInfoClassName ()
String getOggVorbisTagInfoClassName ()
String getPlaylistClassName ()
String getPlaylistFilename ()
int getProxyPort ()
String getProxyServer ()
String getTaginfoPolicy ()
JFrame getTopParent ()
String getVisualMode ()
int getVolume ()
int getXLocation ()
int getYLocation ()
boolean isEqualizerAuto ()
boolean isEqualizerEnabled ()
boolean isEqualizerOn ()
boolean isPlaylistEnabled ()
boolean isRepeatEnabled ()
boolean isScreenLimit ()
boolean isShuffleEnabled ()
void load ()
void load (String configfile)
void save ()
void setAudioDevice (String dev)
void setDefaultSkin (String skin)
void setEqualizerAuto (boolean b)
void setEqualizerEnabled (boolean ena)
void setEqualizerOn (boolean b)
void setIconParent (ImageIcon icon)
void setLastDir (String dir)
void setLastEqualizer (int[] vals)
void setLastSkinDir (String dir)
void setLastURL (String url)
void setLocation (int x, int y)
void setPlaylistClassName (String s)
void setPlaylistEnabled (boolean ena)
void setPlaylistFilename (String pl)
void setProxy (String url, int port, String login, String password)
void setRepeatEnabled (boolean ena)
void setScreenLimit (boolean b)
void setShuffleEnabled (boolean ena)
void setTaginfoPolicy (String string)
void setTopParent (JFrame frame)
void setVisualMode (String mode)
void setVolume (int vol)

Static Public Member Functions

static synchronized Config getInstance ()
static boolean startWithProtocol (String input)

Static Public Attributes

static String[] protocols = { "http:", "file:", "ftp:", "https:", "ftps:", "jar:" }
static String TAGINFO_POLICY_ALL = "all"
static String TAGINFO_POLICY_FILE = "file"
static String TAGINFO_POLICY_NONE = "none"

Private Attributes

String _audioDevice = ""
Configuration _config = null
String _defaultSkin = ""
boolean _equalizerAuto = false
boolean _equalizerEnabled = false
boolean _equalizerOn = false
String _extensions = "m3u,pls,wsz,snd,aifc,aif,wav,au,mp1,mp2,mp3,ogg,spx,flac,ape,mac"
String _lastDir = ""
String _lastEqualizer = ""
String _lastSkinDir = ""
String _lastUrl = ""
String _playlist = "javazoom.jlgui.player.amp.playlist.BasePlaylist"
boolean _playlistEnabled = false
String _playlistFilename = ""
String _proxyLogin = ""
String _proxyPassword = ""
int _proxyPort = -1
String _proxyServer = ""
boolean _repeatEnabled = false
boolean _screenLimit = false
boolean _shuffleEnabled = false
String _taginfoAPE = "javazoom.jlgui.player.amp.tag.APEInfo"
String _taginfoFlac = "javazoom.jlgui.player.amp.tag.FlacInfo"
String _taginfoMpeg = "javazoom.jlgui.player.amp.tag.MpegInfo"
String _taginfoOggVorbis = "javazoom.jlgui.player.amp.tag.OggVorbisInfo"
String _taginfoPolicy = TAGINFO_POLICY_FILE
String _visualMode = ""
int _volume = -1
int _x = 0
int _y = 0
ImageIcon iconParent = null
JFrame topParent = null

Static Private Attributes

static Config _instance = null
static final String AUDIO_DEVICE = "audio_device"
static String CONFIG_FILE_NAME = "jlgui.ini"
static final String EQUALIZER_AUTO = "equalizer_auto"
static final String EQUALIZER_ENABLED = "equalizer_enabled"
static final String EQUALIZER_ON = "equalizer_on"
static final String EXTENSIONS = "allowed_extensions"
static final String LAST_DIR = "last_dir"
static final String LAST_EQUALIZER = "last_equalizer"
static final String LAST_PLAYLIST = "last_playlist"
static final String LAST_SKIN = "last_skin"
static final String LAST_SKIN_DIR = "last_skin_dir"
static final String LAST_URL = "last_url"
static final String ORIGINE_X = "origine_x"
static final String ORIGINE_Y = "origine_y"
static final String PLAYLIST_ENABLED = "playlist_enabled"
static final String PLAYLIST_IMPL = "playlist_impl"
static final String PROXY_LOGIN = "proxy_login"
static final String PROXY_PASSWORD = "proxy_password"
static final String PROXY_PORT = "proxy_port"
static final String PROXY_SERVER = "proxy_server"
static final String REPEAT_ENABLED = "repeat_enabled"
static final String SCREEN_LIMIT = "screen_limit"
static final String SHUFFLE_ENABLED = "shuffle_enabled"
static final String TAGINFO_APE_IMPL = "taginfo_ape_impl"
static final String TAGINFO_FLAC_IMPL = "taginfo_flac_impl"
static final String TAGINFO_MPEG_IMPL = "taginfo_mpeg_impl"
static final String TAGINFO_OGGVORBIS_IMPL = "taginfo_oggvorbis_impl"
static final String TAGINFO_POLICY = "taginfo_policy"
static final String VISUAL_MODE = "visual_mode"
static final String VOLUME_VALUE = "volume_value"

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