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javazoom::jlgui::player::amp::playlist::BasePlaylist Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for javazoom::jlgui::player::amp::playlist::BasePlaylist:


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Detailed Description

BasePlaylist implementation. This class implements Playlist interface using a Vector. It support .m3u and .pls playlist format.

Definition at line 46 of file BasePlaylist.java.

Public Member Functions

void addItemAt (PlaylistItem pli, int pos)
void appendItem (PlaylistItem pli)
 BasePlaylist ()
void begin ()
Collection getAllItems ()
PlaylistItem getCursor ()
int getIndex (PlaylistItem pli)
PlaylistItem getItemAt (int pos)
String getM3UHome ()
int getPlaylistSize ()
String getPLSHome ()
int getSelectedIndex ()
boolean isModified ()
boolean load (String filename)
void nextCursor ()
void previousCursor ()
void removeAllItems ()
void removeItem (PlaylistItem pli)
void removeItemAt (int pos)
boolean save (String filename)
void setCursor (int index)
void setM3UHome (String string)
boolean setModified (boolean set)
void setPLSHome (String string)
void shuffle ()
void sortItems (int sortmode)

Protected Member Functions

boolean loadM3U (String filename)
boolean loadPLS (String filename)

Protected Attributes

int _cursorPos = -1
Vector _playlist = null
boolean isModified
String M3UHome = null
String PLSHome = null

Static Private Attributes

static Log log = LogFactory.getLog(BasePlaylist.class)

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